Neo Life Academy


Neo Life Academy endeavours to equip care workers, counsellors and community workers through training programmes, to enable them to understand and respond to victims of abuse, neglect and disease.


  • To work with a network of participating crisis centres to enable them to enhance their level of service delivery by providing them with structured and integrated courses with which they can educate, counsel, mentor and develop their own clients.
  • To initiate and facilitate projects and programmes that stimulate growth and human development
  • To provide materials that are relevant, practical, matter-of-fact and in tune with their audience
  • To encourage life-long learning via a career-path
  • To provide skills development which is geared towards job creation and sustainable income
  • To serve as an education and training resource for community development centres
  • To provide support by means of a network of referral systems, community collaboration and monitoring implementation with a pleasant, professional and proficient service to our clients.


  1. Annual Symposium on Child Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation
    [Click here for Course Outline]

  2. Discover Your Career Youth Programme (in partnership with Brainwave Projects)
    [Click here for Programme Outline]

  3. Life Skills Youth Programme (Chat Club)
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  4. Equipped To Serve (lay counsellors course)
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