Neo Care Support Services


Neo Care aspires to significantly improve the lives of children by equipping child care workers, early learning facilitators and parents.


  • Provision of psychosocial support to child care workers (CCW) of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC)
  • Education and skills development of CCW to enable them to provide stronger and more effective support to OVC and thereby positively impact the quality of life of each family
  • Provision technical support to monitor, evaluate and review CCW and their work
  • Facilitation of support groups at grassroots level
  • Support of Early Learning Centres with training & toys
  • Provision of a network of Referral Systems


  1. A Toy Library (Active Learning Centre)
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  2. Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of an OVC CARE PLAN
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  3. Distribution of goods-in-kind, i.e. food, clothing & toiletries, to identified households