International World Play Day

This year Touch Community Network will be celebrating World Play Day over 3 days - 26th, 26th & 28th May. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for further details.

History of World Play Day

While the founder of World Play Day, Dr Freda Kim, was walking up a steep hill in Zurich in 1996, having just become the President of ITLA at the 7th ITLA International Toy Library Conference in Switzerland, she was thinking, "What shall I do? Surely a president must do something!” Then the idea shot into her head! "START A WORLD PLAY DAY” So that’s what she did!
Play is so important to all of us, especially to children. And, it tends to be one of the most neglected of all of the rights of a child.
Thinking that a World Play Day could be put on the UN calendar (after all many other events and days are there) ITLA started enthusiastically on what was to be a very long journey; and after 17 years (1996 – 2013) that journey still continues.
The promotion of World Play Day (WPD) as an ITLA activity was formally agreed to by the members at the General Assembly, 8th ITLA International Toy Library Conference - Tokyo, Japan in 1999.
The chosen date was May 28th which was the day in 1987 on which, at the 4th International Toy Library Conference in Toronto, it was decided to form the International Toy Library Association. (courtesy of ITLA)